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April Platform Challenge from Robert Lee Brewer

So to help my career I am going to do the April Platform Challenge posted by Robert Lee Brewer her was day ones Goal.

“For Day 1, define yourself. I don’t want you to worry about where you’d like to be or anything in the future. Instead, I want you to take a look at who you are, what you’ve done, what you’re currently doing, etc.” -Robert lee Brewer



Name (as used in byline): Dustin Slater


Position(s): Client Service Rep for Limolink, Father, Aspiring Writer, Blogger.


Skill(s): Creative Writing, Customer Service Consultant, Comedian, Speed Reader.


Social media platforms: Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, Twitter, Blogger.


URLs: , , ,!/DSlaterfw ,


Interests:  Family (being the best Husband and father I can be), Writing (Sci Fi, Mystery, Supernatural, Horror), Zombie Movies, Reading, Drawing, Blogging, Becoming the best damn author I can be.

In one sentence, who am I? Dustin Slater father of 3 wonderful children I am working on my freelance writing and novel, Inspired and dreamer all in one.


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