My First Query Letter

So today I did what I set out to do I sent my first query letter out and fingers crossed look forward to hearing back about it. Now I was a little nervous because as I was typing it up I realized there was almost no way to actually fit it all on one page as it was suggested in the Writer Market 2012 edition. After thinking about I realized that guideline was really a suggestion, depending on what the editor or publisher is looking for. In this case they wanted details about or an outline of what you wanted to do and how you planed on doing it.

Now I feel like I rushed my query letter a little as I sit here and somewhat regret sending it so quickly however this is my thought on this. It is a learning experience, I mean do I really want to write the article I sent the query letter out about? yes. Am I passionate about the article I sent the query letter out about? Again Yes. So really at this point I can do one of two things I can rewrite and refocus on the query letter in the case that they reject it and then I could resend it with a better though out plan, or I can wait and see if they reply.

What I think I will end up doing is reworking the letter for practice and to work on my out line of a query letter for future use, this will also give me that chance to rethink and plot out my idea in a more cohesive means so if it is chosen and assigned I will be full ready with a plan. So what do you think or whats your feed back on this I would love to know and get an idea on other peoples processes.

Thanks for staying with me so far and I look forward to continuing this path for a long time my friends.



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